Ipswich RSL Sub Branch has introduced a drop in centre 
on the third (3rd) Wednesday morning
of each month from Febuary until November for veterans and serving members
(if you have the day off) from 9am - 12.30.
You do not have to be a member of RSL to come in for a coffee.

You can pop in either to have a coffee & chat or ask questions, we can gather info for you,
help with welfare and entitlements you may need.
Our Welfare guru Ross Wadsworth will be there to chat to as well as other sub branch members.
So if you are not working or have Wed off we would love to see you pop in.
This will be a regularly event and as it gets bigger we will have soups days, hot dog days, Piklets and jam etc.
Wel intend to from time to time invite someone from DVA and other organisations to have a chat
and keep you up to date with anything new happening.

This will be at the Soldiers Memorial Hall-63 Nicholas st. Hope to see you there.