"Memorial Park " Pozières
Showing 7000 crosses bearing the inscriptions
"AUSTRALIA 1916 POZIERES" with hand knitted poppies.
The crosses will be in the ground in the form of the "Rising Sun"

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The Soldiers that fought and died at Pozieres were for the most part survivors of the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign.
Thrown into Battle at Pozieres, the men of the 1st, 2nd and 4th Divisions suffered what is said to have been the most concentrated artillery barrage of all time.
With German Forces on three sides, and their own artillery firing from the rear, these men lived and fought in a constant rain of shells.
The intensity of the barrage can be noted from the Rolls of Honour, with over 4,000 of the 7.000 killed being listed as missing and commemorated at the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial.
The Battle for Pozieres proved to be the greatest loss of life for Australia in our military history, with 7000 Men being killed and 16000 wounded.
The Pozieres Remembrance Association intends to build a Memorial Park in Pozières to be opened at the Centenary of Pozieres in 2016.
The Ipswich RSL Sub-branch responded to a call for individuals and organisations to "buy a brick" for the cause. As a reward, Mr Gracey presented sub-branch president Phil Gilbert with a trenching tool, which he said had been dug up from the battlefield.

The tool will be displayed in the sub-branch's Memorial Hall museum, alongside an Australian bayonet that was donated by Mr Gracey last year.
His campaign to sell all 7000 bricks required has a long way to go, with only 500 sold so far.
"Ipswich is one of the few to support us," Mr Gracey said.
"I wrote to every RSL in Queensland asking to sell raffle tickets or even just buy a ticket.
One RSL responded - Ipswich RSL.
"So, in appreciation, the Mayor of Pozieres decided they could have one of the bayonets that was found in the fields of Pozieres," he said.
Ipswich RSL sub-branch president Phil Gilbert said: "Our troops went there and they've got to be remembered."
The bayonet will go on display in a museum being put together in the RSL building on Nicholas St.

At this stage, we have secured the site and raised enough money to level and grass it.
But there is much to do to build and maintain a site that is a worthy tribute to the 7,000 men who died in and around the village.

So how can you help?

 We are asking everyone who reads this to:

 Visit our web site   http://www.pozieresremembered.com.au/

Consider buying a brick for $50, or if this is too much, make a donation to assist.